Golden Retriever Rescue

The Other Side Of Rescue

Here at GRR we often hear the comment that rescuing and rehoming Goldies must be so rewarding, and it is. It’s also time consuming, financially draining and often heart breaking, but placing a Goldie into a loving home makes it all worthwhile.

There is another side of rescue and we would like to introduce you to a puppy called Bruno. Bruno came to GRR by way of a vet who would not, to his credit, euthanise a seven month old puppy and suggested that the owner surrender his pup to a rescue organisation. The Animal Welfare League in Brisbane discovered that the reason for surrender was that Bruno had, on several occasions, tried to bite family members and was not suitable for sale and GRR was contacted for assistance to save this pup and give him a second chance at life.

Bruno got his second chance with Sharon and Russell who live not far from Murwillumbah. This couple has helped several Goldies on their way to new homes and they took Bruno in and set about giving him a new set of rules so that he could go on to have a family of his own. Living with The Costins is doggie heaven with acres to run, dams for swimming and other Goldies for play. Bruno learned good dog manners from the other goldies and was soon fitting into the household.

Several weeks later it was noticed that Bruno was limping and falling so x-rays were taken and sent to Dr David Lidbetter in Sydney. David has operated successfully on Lacey and Shadow and we were hoping that David could also help Bruno. This was not to be as Bruno’s hips, elbows and knees are all beyond surgical help. Bruno is currently receiving all the veterinary care required to keep him pain free and he is surrounded by a loving family but his time is short.

The puppy farmer who sold Bruno to the pet shop made a profit, the pet shop owner who sold this puppy made a profit, not caring that there is as a family who has been devastated to find out that their puppy tried to bite them because he was in so much pain when they tried to play with him, nor did they care that GRR spent more than a thousand dollars trying to help this puppy live a pain free existence.

Very soon Sharon and Russell will take Bruno for his final ride to the vet. They will sit together and hold Bruno close while a vet ends this puppy's life. A pup they tried to give a second chance, the pup they taught to raise his paw to say please, this is the happy ending that isn’t going to happen.

So spare a thought for Sharon and Russell as they come to this dreadful and final decision. They became foster carers because they wanted to help the breed they love, and because a puppy farmer puts quantity before quality in the quest for the almighty dollar they have been left in this heart breaking position. Look at this sweet, innocent face and think what lies ahead for his foster carers.

This is the other side of rescue.