Our Charter

Our aim is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted Golden Retrievers and rehome them into loving homes where they are considered part of the family. Our goal is to bring awareness to the general public on the detrimental outcome of puppy farming and the sale of puppies/dogs in pet shops.

Golden Retriever Rescue Inc Adoption Agreement:

  • You agree to maintain and house the dog under the conditions of the Companion Animals Act 1998.
  • You agree to adopt the dog and will consider the dog to be part of the family and as such be welcomed into the family home and sleep inside the home at night.
  • The dog will be rehomed on a two week trial period and can be returned to GRR if the dog is deemed unsuitable. You understand that a member of Golden Retriever Rescue will inspect your premises to ensure the dog will be housed in safe and secure surroundings pre adoption, and may visit during the two week trial period.
  • You will take responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the dog during the two week trial period. Should damage or injury occur it is recommended that the dog be returned to GRR as soon as possible. After the two week trial period you will be legally responsible for the dog under State and Federal Laws.
  • You agree and understand that when the dog is adopted by you it will be microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and treated for worms, fleas and ticks. Should alternate arrangements be made with GRR we require a copy of the Desexing Certificate along with relevant vaccination records within six weeks from the date of adoption.
  • Should you decide at any time to surrender, give away or sell this dog you must contact GRR and gain their written consent.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to take the Change of Ownership forms to your local Council to register the dog in your name and are responsible for any cost or charges incurred should the dog be impounded.
  • In the event that the dog requires medical attention during the two week trial period you agree to contact GRR and further agree that any veterinary costs incurred by you will not be refunded unless the dog is treated at a GRR nominated veterinary practice.

Additional Conditions

  • A dog adopted from GRR cannot be sold or used to make any profit for the new owners or persons associated with those owners. If the owner wishes to offer this dog to a third party they must advise GRR and gain their written approval prior to any transaction.

  • In the event that a new owner wishes to surrender/return the dog to GRR the new owner must do so on the understanding that no money can change hands. GRR may, however, rehome the dog and any monies raised will be directed into the rescue of future Golden Retrievers.

  • If at any time during or after the two week trial period, GRR becomes aware that a dog is being mistreated or is at risk, GRR may seize that dog without notice. The dog will only be returned to the owner after GRR considers the situation resolved and the dog faces no further threat. If GRR feels the situation cannot be resolved then they may list the dog for rehoming and the former owner will receive no moneys or refunds.