Foster Care

Since the inception of GRR in 2001 we have rescued and rehomed over 2000 Goldies. The rescues are often unloved, sometimes ill or injured, or displaying behavioural issues due to the circumstances they have endured.

GRR would not be able to help the many unfortunate Goldies that come to us for help without the assistance of our foster carers. They accept the rescues into their homes and hearts and start the process of recovery, healing and training that’s required while GRR assesses the dogs and commences the process of finding the most suitable forever home for each dog.

GRR is always keen to hear from people who are interested in becoming approved foster carers as this enables GRR to rescue as many Goldies that become available without all of them being at GRR HQ at once! If you think this might be you please read on:

Important Points To Consider:

  • Rescue Goldies may be ill or injured, or they may have been mistreated. All of these reasons may mean a rescue Goldie may not just walk into your home and act like a well behaved, well-adjusted Golden Retriever. The dog may be distant or aloof, shy or timid, scared and possibly even 'aggressive' from fear.
  • Rescue Goldies are just like any other dog removed from familiar surroundings; they may be anxious, traumatised and unsure and will need time, patience and space to become adjusted to their new temporary home.
  • Just as GRR does with finding new forever homes, we only place rescue Goldies with the most appropriate foster carers. This means GRR will conduct a property inspection as part of the assessment of your application to become a foster carer. During the property inspection our GRR representative will ensure your home has secure fencing and appropriate areas for the rescue to sleep. In addition we will discuss in detail any preferences or limitations you may have on the types of rescue you can care for. For example; you may have other pets – we would not ask you to care for a rescue that we weren’t certain had been socialised with other pets. If you have small children we would only ask you to care for a rescue that has lived with children. If you have a dog already we will only place socialised rescue Goldies with you.
  • Our rescues often require transport to and from our veterinary provider. This may be for desexing or treatment for illness or injury. This means you need to have a car suitable for transporting a large dog.
  • The rehoming process is only carried out and approved by GRR. We regularly find foster carers who know someone within their circle of friends or extended family who would love to adopt their foster dog. While the intention is appreciated the normal application process must be carried out as our number one priority and responsibility is to place rescues into the most suitable forever home that suits the personality and temperament of each individual dog. GRR has a waiting list of approved applicants waiting to be matched up with their new Goldie and we take great care and pride in the thoroughness of our application and assessment process.
  • GRR has many years (and many hundreds of rescues) experience dealing with the rescue and rehabilitation process and we ask all foster carers to follow any training or rehabilitation plans we develop for the rescues.
  • Foster care is hard work, emotionally draining and sometimes very difficult, but it is also immensely rewarding and there is nothing quite like the feeling of pride when you say goodbye to a foster Goldie as it goes off to its new forever home!
  • GRR appreciates the offers to foster a rescue dog but advises that homes with children are not a viable option. While Golden Retrievers are known to be "great family pets" many of the dogs that come to GRR have come from backgrounds about which nothing is known and GRR does not want children placed in a potentially unsafe environment.
  • If you think you and your home may provide a suitable environment, and you have the time, commitment and energy required to devote to a rescue Goldie, please complete the Foster Carer Application Form and email it to GRR HQ at
  • If you would like more information about fostering or just want to have a preliminary chat about whether foster care is for you please contact our foster care coordinator by email at and remember to include a telephone number so we can contact you.