Golden Retriever Rescue

Gordon's Story

Gordon came to GRR’s attention approximately one year ago when we were notified of a Goldie at Renbury Pound, the repository for surrendered and stray animals located in Western Sydney. GRR placed our name on Gordon but was unable to pick him up as he was purchased by a member of the public. At this time Gordy was extremely overweight and his mobility was compromised but his new owner looked beyond the exterior and saw the beautiful boy on the inside.

Gordy was taken to his owner’s vet, had six teeth extracted and enjoyed a loving home for twelve months until his owner was deployed overseas. Gordon again came to GRR’s attention when his owner asked our help to find this gentle boy a new loving home.

In November/December 2012 Gordy came to GRR and went into foster care with Fi Millhouse and her Golden gang of Cedar, Willow and Shadow, then to Rob, Maria and Emma-Rose where Gordon enjoyed the company of the family’s goldies, Beau and Lily, and as he was still carrying too much weight was placed on a diet.

Gordy was due to be rehomed on 13 January 2013 but at a health check at Kogarah Veterinary Hospital, Dr Ben Acheson (GRR's vet of choice), decided to take a few x-rays of Gordy's hips as Ben thought his mobility was impaired and Ben was right to be worried. Gordy tops Lacey (see 'news archives') in the appalling hips’ stakes. Gordy's left hip socket is non-existent and the right one is so far out of alignment that Ben advised it was the worst case of hip dysplasia he had ever seen.

Wendy and Trisha discussed what was best for Gordy and decided to send Gordy's x-rays to Dr David Lidbetter, because if anyone could find a solution, it would be Dr Lidbetter.

On 14 January Wendy and Trish took Gordy to Dr Lidbetter at North Parramatta and after a health check from Isobel, Gordy had lots of photos taken of his spine, hips, feet and lungs. Dr Lidbetter said that Gordy had very slight arthritis in his spine and in one toe, but his knees were very good (yes! something was going Gordy's way) - but his hips, that was another story. Gordy's hips were not the worst David had seen, but they were up there.

We can only imagine the pain that Gordy has lived with for the past 7 years. He has had a succession of owners who have allowed him to tip the scales at 50kg, which has not helped his mobility.

Through it all Gordy remains "Nature's Gentleman". His smiling face gazes up at everyone and he is always the centre of attention on his short walks as he carries his lead in his mouth whilst he plods along. GRR wants to give Gordy a quality of life where he is pain free and can run and play like any other normal 7 year old Goldie.

Gordy has been with Rob and Maria, foster carers for GRR, where they have reduced his weight to 41.1kg. Dr Lidbetter would like Gordy to weigh about 36-37kg when he has the surgery. In the meantime, whilst he is losing weight, he will need to have baths in Malaseb to ensure that his skin is in tip top condition prior to the surgery (skin disease or infection can severely impact on the success of the surgery). Gordy will also need to go to Ben Acheson for a weekly weigh in and a couple of tests, but we are hoping that Gordy can have the first hip replacement in about 4 weeks time.

GRR does not ask for donations unless it is desperate......we are desperate. GRR knows it is a tough time for most people after Christmas, but Gordy and GRR would be so very grateful if our supporters could spare a thought and some funds for Gordy (all donations over $2 are tax deductible) and your donation will enable Gordy to have a normal life.

With 15 Goldies arriving since Christmas GRR’s funds are seriously depleted. If you've been thinking about purchasing from GRR's Merchandise page, now is the time to make your choice. All monies raised go directly to helping the Goldies and as Gordy isn't the only Goldie requiring veterinary care, every dollar helps.

Dr David Lidbetter is once again prepared to give GRR another miracle at a heavily reduced price, but when the coffers are low GRR has no other choice than to turn to our friends and supporters. You have risen to the challenge previously when Lacey, Shadow and Cheeky Charlie were given their second chance at life with wonderful families because you cared. GRR is asking you all to help give Gordon the life that you and all of us at GRR want for every Goldie.

Donations can be made directly into GRR's Bank Account at: Bendigo Bank
BSB 633-000 Account Number 129253951.

If you prefer, there is a PayPal alternative on the Home Page or if sending your donation by cheque please post to: Golden Retriever Rescue Inc. PO Box 4081, Oatley West NSW 2223.

Please ensure you use your surname and "Gordy" as a reference when donating, and email GRR at to advise the amount you have donated towards Gordon's surgery, giving your mailing address so that GRR can post a tax deductible receipt in return.

Gordy would like to thank you for taking the time to read his story and learn that not all Goldies enjoy the quality of life that all of us want for every dog. Gordy is at the beginning of a very long journey and it will be difficult and sometimes painful but the end result will be worth every moment.

UPDATE 1/02/2013:

Gordon went with Wendy and Trish when they attended another afternoon at Future Vets Kids Camp at Waverley on Thursday the 24th January. Katrina Warren's Goldie, Smiley Riley came along as well as he is such a big hit with the children. Gordon was "Mr Manners" as usual and didn’t put a paw out of place. For over an hour Gordon and Smiley Riley interacted with the children while Wendy and Trish talked about rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers.

The children were very interested to learn of Gordon's story and the need for him to have hip surgery. Gordon was chosen by Scott, one of the vets who run the camp, to do a head to tail examination and to show the children what to look for during a hands on examination. Scott asked the children many questions whilst doing the examination and both Wendy and Trish were impressed with the knowledge that the children showed. Gordon, of course, was happy to help out by standing quietly throughout the entire examination.

Talk and vet check over the children presented Wendy and Trish with a Certificate of Appreciation and a generous donation to GRR’s rescue fund to assist Gordy with his surgery.

UPDATE 12/04/2013:

Gordy had x-rays taken of his new hip at Dr David Lidbetter's surgery on 10 April and the news was very good. Dr Lidbetter advised that the hip is technically perfect. Gordy has what is called a pseudoacetabulum. Gordy's hip has settled in very well in the pseudoacetabulum. This is a false hip where a new cup has been created. The socket is formed by the old bone rubbing above the original hip, something like a stone polished by water. At first Trish was alarmed but Dr Lidbetter assured her that the formed component is perfect. The pseudoacetabulum (try saying that after a few drinks), probably happened shortly after Gordy underwent the surgery. Dr Lidbetter said that Gordy was not in pain and would only get stronger.

Given that Gordy weighed 36kgs yesterday, down from 49+kgs when he first came to GRR, he is feeling so much better and walking like a normal Golden Retriever. Dr Lidbetter would like Gordy to reduce his weight a further 1.5-2kg. He wants him on Glyde twice a day; two walks each day of 15 minutes duration; and Gordy can sleep on a bed instead of being housed in a crate in the house (yeah! having a crate in the family room is not exactly an interior fashion statement). Gordy no longer has to wear the harness around his tummy.

In a few months, when Dr Lidbetter sees Gordy again, he will advise if Gordy can undertake some swimming. At the moment he wants Gordy to increase his muscle tone in the rear and enjoy being pain free. Dr Lidbetter said that the surgery has significantly extended Gordy's life, and more importantly, he is pain free.

Shown in the photos is Gordy walking with Pixie-Dust and Frank. Kerm takes Gordy and Pixie-Dust on the recommended 15 minute walk, and then Frank and Trish leave them for a much longer walk. Gordy is such a happy Goldie now that he is not experiencing pain and can finally get out and about.

A big thank you to Dr Lidbetter and his remarkable team and to all those supporters who donated to Gordy's surgery.