Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue - Our Story

How Golden Retriever Rescue was formed:

ACNC Registered Charity Tick

    Wendy Donohue and Trisha Jarvis met many years ago at their local dog training club through a mutual adoration of Golden Retrievers. While walking their Goldies one day, they met RSPCA Inspector Alison Wren, who had rescued and subsequently adopted a Golden Retriever (Hailey) from an abusive and neglectful situation. While saddened and appalled to hear what Hailey had been through, they were cheered to see how happy and well-adjusted she was in her new home. Wendy uttered some throwaway words to the Inspector “if you ever hear of another Goldie needing a home, give us a call…” not realising she would be changing lives forever!

    Golden Retrievers in need started coming to Wendy and Trisha’s notice soon after from pounds, shelters, “free to good home” advertisements and by word of mouth with reasons given for their unfortunate situations ranging from ignorance, greed, stupidity, neglect and unfortunately, cruelty. This is how Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) was formed.

    In 2012 Trisha made the decision to move on from GRR and while still helping out at GRR events Trisha and her husband are now involved in the Show and Obedience world successfully Showing and Trialling their Goldies and competing in Gundog Events.

The GRR Story Continues...