Golden Retriever Rescue

Benny is approximately 11 years old and he came into GRR’s care because of changed family circumstances where Benny found himself home alone for many hours every day. As a loving, sociable chap Benny did not cope with the new regime and became anxious and destructive. Benny’s family decided that they could no longer give this boy the life he deserved and contacted GRR.

Since his arrival into foster care Benny is a changed boy. He is no longer medicated to control his anxiousness and now that he is able to understand the messages that he is receiving from his foster carer Benny is one happy chappy. No more hot spots and because he is inside whenever he likes, no more anxiousness. Benny is a very upbeat senior gent and he does not get on with any other dogs, big or small. Benny no longer jumps up on people, but he does jump up and rest his front paws on the fence to give you a kiss.

He is currently living with two cats the only problem being that Benny will steal the cat food. Benny needs a home suit a home where he is the only dog and his family understands that they will need to continue to deal with Benny’s lack of socialisation. Benny’s on lead walking when he arrived into care could only be described as a nightmare where he continually jumped on his handler. His walking has improved but when Benny is stressed the behaviour returns and his new family will need to go ongoing work on his on lead walking.

Benny is not a barker or a digger unless he is left outside for long periods of time. He likes to ride in the car and loves to swim. Currently Benny has access to indoors 24X7 and his behaviour has done a complete turnaround so Benny requires a home where Benny is inside the home and someone is around much of the time to give him the attention and company that this boy craves. Children over the age of 12 would be best suited as Benny is a big, excitable and energetic boy that would easily knock over a small child. No other dogs should be in the home.

Benny has been in care for many months and although people are drawn to his big smile and give him plenty of cuddles the fact that he needs to be the only dog in the home has seen very few applications arrive. It is surprising to his foster carer that Benny will happily curl up with the cats but will not tolerate another dog around. His carer continues to work on Benny’s socialisation, however the improvement is very slow.

Benny comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and treated for heartworm, intestinal worms and fleas. If your family fits the description of the home Benny requires and you would like to open your heart and home to this handsome golden chap please complete the questionnaire.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

The Adoption Questionnaire can be found here: File Link