Gus / 10 months old / Male

image Introducing Gus who has recently arrived into GRR’s care. GRR became aware of Gus when he was 8 months old and arrangements were being put in place to bring this boy into care when Gus’ vet advised the family that x-rays should be taken as this young boy’s front legs were not looking as expected. X-rays showed elbow dysplasia in both legs and Gus was referred to Dr David Lidbetter who operated on Gus. All credit is due to Gus’ family who went ahead with the surgery and the six weeks of rehabilitation even though they had decided that Gus would be surrendered to GRR. His family were having difficulty coping with the size and energy level of this very large puppy who weighs in at 35kgs at 10 months of age and he is not overweight and still has some growing to do.
Gus’ foster carer monitors his play time with the other dogs and Gus’ walks become a little longer each day. Gus will need a home where his family continue with his rehabilitation remembering that Gus is and will continue to grow into a big, strong dog. Access to swimming will enhance Gus’ rehabilitation and his new family will need to monitor his exercise and play time. Dr David Lidbetter has given Gus his tick of approval and GRR will be there to provide ongoing assistance and an introduction to Dr Lidbetter.
Image Gus comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas.

Gus require a home where:
- his family are around the home much of the time,
- his family are familiar with a large breed, strong dog,
- his family are prepared for and committed to Gus’ ongoing rehabilitation,
- Gus can be the only dog in the family or his family have another Goldie sized dog who is calm and will play with Gus without becoming too exuberant,
- he has access to swimming or a family member is prepared to take Gus to hydrotherapy,
- there are no children under 12 years of age, no exceptions.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to open your heart and home to this gorgeous Golden please complete the questionnaire on the Current Rescues page or the Contact page and email to

To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Gus only applicants who meet ALL of the criteria listed on this poster and GRR’s usual criteria will be considered for adoption. Applicants who do not meet all the criteria listed will not receive a reply.

The GRR Team look forward to hearing from you.