Golden Retriever Rescue

Meet Marli who has been returned to GRR after three years of being placed in a home. It is disappointing to find that Marli who needed to lose a few kilos when placed in 2016 has been returned 15kgs overweight but this girl is now on a strict diet and has already lost several kilos in the time she has been in care at HQ.

GRR has been advised that in the last six months Marli has become destructive when left inside alone during storms and has chewed woodwork and taken chunks out of a rubber sofa and chewed through a gas line. After providing quiet and safe places within the home Marli’s behaviour did not improve and when left outside during a storm dug up a garden. Since returning to HQ Marli has been sharing her day yard and night run with another younger Goldie, Tessa, and during a storm Marlie coped well. Tessa has not only provided comfort during storms as it would appear that playing with Tessa has helped Marli shed some very unwanted kilos which will help with Marli’s mobility. Three years ago an x-ray of Marli's hips showed that one of her hips is not well aligned, however, GRR's vet has advised that she does not require surgery and keeping her slim and active will help.

Marli's actual age is unknown as when she arrived into care at GRR three years ago she was not microchipped or desexed so an educated guess has given Marlie a birth date of 1st May 2010. Marli is fabulous with other dogs, loves people, has lovely manners and a good recall. She is not a barker and travels well in the car and enjoys running around the paddocks at HQ. Marlie also possesses the biggest smile and the most gorgeous eyelashes.

It goes without saying that Marli is looking for a home where there is another dog and someone around much of the time and a family who is committed to helping this gorgeous girl shed those unwanted kilos.

Marli is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and treated for heartworm, intestinal worms and fleas. If your family would like to open your heart and home to this gorgeous Golden girl please go to the Contact page and select the questionnaire.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Adoption Questionnaire can be found here: File Link