Charlie / 1.5 Years old / Male

Image One and a half year old Charlie came into foster care quite wary of the big, wide world and some of the people and experiences it brought his way.
Charlie is toilet trained but had spent much of his early life as an “outdoors man” and was tentative about coming inside the house. Charlie is slowly becoming used to the new experiences of living indoors and having his own bed in his carers’ bedroom beside their bed. He has even become brave enough to test out the humans’ bed while they are in it.
While Charlie can be a little wary around strangers, he has learnt to love pats, cuddles and tummy rubs. He is learning about games with people, but prefers to play with other dogs rather than fetching things that people keep throwing away! He loves to chew, so soft toys, shoes, slippers and any items of clothing left lying around are the targets of his attention.
Charlie is still learning to sit and follow other commands when not on lead but he loves going for a walk and will sit calmly while his lead is attached. He walks well on lead and enjoys the freedom of the dog park. Charlie is still learning about not being too rough when playing with other dogs. A little time to calm down is required at times, so good play manners will be an on-going lesson for Charlie if the off lead park is to be part of his routine. Ideally, he will need a strong yet steady-going, sensible fur sibling who will teach him manners and show him how to be a confident and biddable dog.
The car was another new experience and Charlie is still learning about travel in a vehicle. Some very happy times following rides in the car are helping Charlie overcome his reservations. He will now put his front feet up on the vehicle, but needs his back end lifted in. Charlie does not react to rain, hail or thunderstorms but sudden movements and unfamiliar loud noises can disturb him. He may freeze, shaking on the spot or scurry off to hide in a safe place. Distraction and time to calm have been used to help him relax after such episodes. His new family will need to continue helping Charlie realise that he need not worry about the unexpected things of the world.
Image Charlie’s introduction to the wider world continues. He seems to like water but is unsure about waves – even the little ones. His new family will need to be prepared to continue working with Charlie as he learns to cope with the fact that the world can be exciting, fun but also a little unpredictable at times. Charlie has been fed away from other pets as he will help himself to another dinner if the opportunity arises.
Charlie comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas.
Charlie requires a home where:
• his new family have the patience, time and commitment to continue Charlie’s entry into the wider world;
• shoes and items of clothing are kept out of reach - as Charlie loves to chew;
• Charlie will receive on-going training with basic commands;
• there is an older, laid back and well-mannered dog to teach Charlie how to both socialise well and relax;
• he will have plenty of human company.

If you think that you are able to offer this beautiful dog the ideal place in your home please complete GRR’s Adoption Questionnaire. To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Charlie, the GRR Committee will only consider emailed applications that include a completed GRR adoption questionnaire that meets ALL of the requirements listed on Charlie’s poster.
To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Charlie only applicants who meet all of the criteria listed on this poster will be considered for adoption. If you would like to welcome Charlie into your home please complete GRR’s Adoption Questionnaire which is found on the Current Rescues page and the Contact page of this website.

The GRR Team look forward to hearing from you.
Source Number: RE147362
Microchip Number: 991 003 001 679 591