Brewster - 2 Years old - Male

Image Brewster has been in care with GRR for eighteen months and this boy has come as far as he can go living at HQ and needs a very special home to devote the time to this boy so he can eventually become a loving family member.
When Brewster was a young puppy he was seized from a situation where he was one of over 200 dogs. Brewster learned early in life how to survive in this huge pack. He guards his food yet can eat a bone while Ellie, his constant companion is in the run eating her bone. However, should a dog look his way while Brewster is eating his reaction is fierce. Watching Brewster over eighteen months has shown that he is best when sharing the run or paddock with females as this boy can be very dominant with other males.
In the time Brewster has been in care he has come to know that humans are the source of food and fun. He takes time to approach people, even his foster carer needs a few minutes every day for Brewster to remember that HQ is a safe place, but once over his fear this boy loves a belly rub. GRR is not sure what breed this boy has in him and in other circumstances he would not have been picked up from the RSPCA when other puppy farm dogs were being loaded into the car. Only that the foster carer knew what the outcome for this boy would be if he did not come to GRR, which is why he is with us today. Brewster deserved a chance and here is the opportunity for the right person to enjoy the pleasure of turning this boy’s life around.
Image The job this family will be taking on won’t be easy, it will be long with a few steps forward and many steps back and Brewster may always be fearful and his family will need to give Brewster the time and space to learn that he is safe and be prepared to accept him just the way he is. Brewster does not enjoy anything for the first time. He is fearful of everything. Coming in and out of doors, the microwave beeping, the sound and movement of the television, the different surfaces in a home, you name it Brewster is frightened of it. Brewster’s foster carer and those who help out at HQ agree that this boy needs constant one on one with someone who has spent time with dogs that have difficult behaviours. This boy is definitely not for a family in the suburbs as living on an acreage is what he knows and what he feels comfortable with.
Brewster is approximatley two years old and requires a home where:
There is a laid back and well raised. medium or large sized adult female to teach Brewster how to be part of a family;
Someone is around the home much of the time and they are prepared to deal with Brewster’s fears;
Only adults in the home;
Only homes in semi rural or rural areas with a secure house yard 1.2m in height being made of dog wire or pool fencing or similar;
Brewster’s new family has experience in dealing with fearful behaviour including food aggression;
Brewster’s new family has the patience of a Saint;
If you meet these criteria above and would like the opportunity to turn Brewster’s life around please complete the questionnaire on the Current Rescues page or the Contact page and email to To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Brewster only applicants who meet ALL of the criteria listed on this poster will be considered for adoption. Applicants who do not meet all the criteria listed will not receive a reply. Brewster comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.