Betty / 4 Years old / Female

Image Four year old Betty came to GRR from a registered breeding facility. When she arrived into care Betty had to be carried from the car as she was very frightened and it took many weeks for Betty to decide that people are okay. Betty likes people so much these days that she wants to be close to them all the time. She is a very loving girl full of energy who is happy to be around other dogs and people.
Betty is learning to walk on lead and recently walked from the car to the veterinary hospital. Going through the surgery doors was scary for Betty but being the confident girl she is learning to be she did well and went off with the vet nurse for her vet check and surgery.
Betty becomes very excited when she sees people and also when dinner is coming. This girl has a big bark but only when there is something to bark about. Betty shares her run with another puppy farm girl and goes for runs in the paddock with some of the other rescues. She is well socialised but what this girl really wants in her life is her own family.
Betty comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas.

Betty requires a home where:
• Her family is around much of the time. Because Betty has been locked up all her life she needs to spend time inside with her new family to receive all the attention she deserves;
• she is the only dog or the dog in the home is a well raised, laid back dog;
• her family is prepared for the commitment of showing Betty how to become part of a loving home and family;
• she can live a quiet life. Betty is currently living on five acres and enjoys running in the paddocks;
• any children in the home are at least 12 years old.

Betty was named for Betty White who was owned by and loved her Golden Retrievers and knew the joy that a Goldie can bring into everyone’s life.
To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Betty only applicants who meet all of the criteria listed on this poster will be considered for adoption. If you would like to welcome Betty into your home please complete GRR’s Adoption Questionnaire which is found on the Current Rescues page and the Contact page.

The GRR Team look forward to hearing from you.