Golden Retriever Rescue

Four year old female Golden Retriever, Autumn and two year old Boxer X, Wombat are looking for a home where they can continue to live together and support each other. Autumn and Wombat are both anxious dogs but put them together and you get two very laid back dogs who enjoy spending all of their time together.

GRR has been asked to help rehome this pair as their owner feels that people who respond to her advertisement may take both dogs to gain a Goldie and rehome Wombat. To separate these dogs who rely on each other for support will not end well for either dog so GRR has agreed to rehome Autumn and Wombat as a bonded pair.

Autumn and Wombat are dogs that have spent their lives in the backyard and they are not housetrained. While Autumn has responded well to training, Wombat lacks attention and in his owner’s words “is all over the place”. Both pull on lead with Autumn settling down but Wombat has not yet got the idea of loose lead walking. This pair are not barkers but Autumn will dig if something interests her on the other side of the fence. They enjoy a ride in the car with Autumn needing help to hop in the car as she is nervous when travelling. They enjoy a visit to the beach with Autumn loving to swim while Wombat prefers to race across the sand. Storms do not bother these dogs but cats are definitely not a favourite. However, they are well socialised with other dogs and the only issue between Autumn and Wombat is some guarding behaviour from Autumn who does not like Wombat near her bones. Both are very excited around children and would easily knock over a small child so older teens would be best suited to this pair of livewires.

Autumn and Wombat comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas.

Autumn and Wombat require a home which meets ALL the following criteria:
• they are the only dogs in the family
• there are no cats, rabbits, poultry or pocket pets
• Children in the home should be teenagers. No exceptions.
• Secure fencing which prevents digging out and climbing over as Autumn has shown that if there is something interesting next door she will try to escape and where Autumn goes, Wombat follows.

Please read the adoption criteria for Wombat and Autumn carefully. GRR is receiving four times as many adoption applications as normal because so many people are at home due to COVID 19. GRR apologises in advance but we may not be able to reply to all the adoption questionnaires received for Wombat and Autumn. Applicants who do not complete an adoption questionnaire or who do not meet the above criteria will not receive a reply.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to open your heart and home to this unusual pair please complete the adoption questionnaire and email to

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Adoption Questionnaire can be found here: File Link