Joey / 19 Months old / Male (Joey is in Foster Care in NSW)

Image Meet 19 month old Joey who came from a NSW Regional Dog Breeding Facility which was downsizing prior to selling the property. Joey has spent all of his short life in a run and on arrival at HQ was extremely fearful of the people who were trying to settle him into his new home and pulled away from the people to the point where he was physically ill.
In the few months Joey has been in GRR’s care he has learned that people are a source of love and entertainment. He is continuing his training in learning to walk on a loose lead, take treats from your hand with good manners, come when called and to give major cuddles. Joey tends to crouch whenever people are close and he is slowly learning to sit or stand tall when he approaches people as he learns that he has nothing to fear.
As his life did not include many experiences of going out into the world, Brody is not sure about suburban noises such as trucks, buses and garbage cans although he is quite happy about the leaf blower and lawn mower. Joey is reluctant to jump in the car but is easily installed with a little help. This happy chap is not a barker but does enjoy a dig and pulling up the grass runners and ripping up his stuffed toys.
Image Joey is being introduced to other Goldies at his carer’s home and he is exuberant about making friends and would benefit from an older well raised Goldie to show him how to become a much loved member of the family.
This gorgeous smiley Golden boy is basically a nineteen month old puppy who will need his housetraining to continue and be introduced to the noises of the TV, microwave, dishwasher and other sounds that come with sharing a home with a family. Joey may not be the easiest to welcome into your home but it will be the experience of a lifetime with many rewards.

Joey comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas.
Joey requires a home where:
- someone is at home much of the time;
- the family is prepared to take Joey to dog training and socialising classes and the ongoing commitment of introducing Joey to a regular Goldie life;
- Joey can be the only dog or there is a laid back medium to large size dog that is over 4 -8 years of age who enjoys playing with another dog;
- there are no cats, chickens, bunnies or large livestock;
- any children in the home are at least 12 years old;
If you meet the criteria above and would like to open your heart and home to this handsome Golden boy please complete the Questionnaire on either the Contact page or the Current Rescues page of GRR’s website.
To assist GRR in finding the perfect fit for Joey only applicants who meet ALL of the criteria listed on this poster will be considered for adoption. Applicants who do not meet all the criteria listed will not receive a reply.

We look forward to hearing from you.