Current Rescues

Golden Retrievers who are currently looking for a new family to call their own are listed below. Please click on each photo to find out more about them. If you are interested in one of the dogs please ensure you complete and return the Adoption Questionnaire to Golden Retriever Rescue Inc before contacting us. It should be noted that GRR only rehomes dogs in NSW, the ACT and VIC.

(Please note that this page contains only a small number of the rescue Goldies currently in care and looking for new homes. Some of our rescues require only a minimal amount of time with a foster carer before they are assessed and ready to go to an approved family, whereas other dogs may require extensive veterinary treatment or behavioural rehabilitation depending on the circumstances from which they have come. For these reasons GRR does NOT post every rescue Goldie on this page, in fact, the VAST majority of our Goldies are rehomed to applicants already on the approved list who have been waiting for the right Goldie to come along).

Rescues 1 (Sally and Belle)
Four year old Sally and three year old Belle arrived into GRR’s care after being surrendered by a puppy farmer to the RSPCA. When GRR picked up Sally and Belle from the RSPCA they were very frightened and had to be carried to the car. On arrival at GRR it was obvious that Sally had not long given birth to a litter of puppies. These sweet girls were very wary of people but once they learned that life at GRR meant good food, a warm bed, lots of cuddles and plenty of time to run and play in the paddocks Sally and Belle’s cheeky personalities began to shine through.
Sally and Belle were previously posted individually but after watching their confidence levels grow GRR has decided that the best outcome for these girls is to be rehomed together......
Rescue 2 (Cobber)
Eleven and a half year old Cobber has come into GRR’s care as his owner has health issues and will be living in a nursing home and will not be returning to her home. Cobber is looking for a new home where he enjoys all the love and care he enjoyed in his previous life. It is obvious that Cobber has been very much an inside dog and loved throughout his life and has received the very best of care. This gorgeous senior gent is a bit of a character and is in great physical condition for his age. Cobber acts more like a younger dog and is always up for a game, he loves toys and he especially loves cuddles. Cobber gallops around the paddock before settling down to sniff for bunnies and every morning his carer is greeted by a cuddle from Cobber as he places his front legs on her and looks up with the biggest smile, a great way to start the day......
Rescue 3 (Honey)
Honey came into GRR’s care in April this year and is currently in foster care where she lives with another Golden boy. Honey was diagnosed with arthritis in all major joints and suffered with untreated cruciate ligament injuries in both knees. She also had chronic ear infections and thickened ear flaps from previous haematomas. When Honey arrived into care her coat had been shaved showing irritated skin and wet skin fold infections. To add to these issues Honey was very overweight which added to her difficulty in raising herself from the floor or walking up the one step into her foster home.
Since her arrival into care at GRR Honey has become a regular visitor at GRR’s vet to attend to her issues. She has received a four week course of injections to help her arthritic joints. Pain killers were added but are no longer required as Honey......
Rescue 4 (Harry)
Ten and a half year old Harry has come into GRR’s care when his family’s circumstances changed which meant a move overseas where Harry could not accompany his owner. This gorgeous boy has been very much loved and thoroughly spoilt. Harry will let you know when it is time for dinner and when to let him inside as this boy knows the luxury of being a full time inside boy and Harry wants that lifestyle to continue.
Harry is currently on a course of injections to ease the arthritis in his rear leg as well as daily supplements to give his joints ease of movement and these are working well with Harry running across the paddock. His previous owner advised that Harry may suffer from an upset tummy from time to time so GRR has started Harry on supplements to ease this issue and Harry is now eating a whole range of food along with his dry food and is doing well.......