Current Rescues

Golden Retrievers who are currently looking for a new family to call their own are listed below. Please click on each photo to find out more about them. If you are interested in one of the dogs please ensure you complete and return the Adoption Questionnaire to Golden Retriever Rescue Inc before contacting us. It should be noted that GRR only rehomes dogs in NSW, the ACT and VIC.

** Please note that this page contains only a small number of the rescue Goldies currently in care and looking for new homes. Some of our rescues require only a minimal amount of time with a foster carer before they are assessed and ready to go to an approved family, whereas other dogs may require extensive veterinary treatment or behavioural rehabilitation depending on the circumstances from which they have come. For these reasons GRR does NOT post every rescue Goldie on this page, in fact, the VAST majority of our Goldies are rehomed to applicants already on the approved list who have been waiting for the right Goldie to come along. **

Rescue 1 (Cruz)
Eleven year old Cruz has come into GRR’s care as his owner’s ongoing health issues mean that Cruz can no longer live in the family home. Cruz is looking for a new home where he will enjoy all the love and care he received in his previous life where Cruz shared his owner’s bed, lounge and was thoroughly spoilt.
It is obvious that Cruz has been very much an inside dog and loved throughout his life and has been treated generously resulting in a very overweight lad. All Cruz wants out of life is to be by your side every moment of the day and night and should, for any reason, you go out of sight Cruz will continue to bark until you can find your way back to his side. Cruz is great around other dogs, loves people and loves to swim. He walks well on lead, travels well in the car, doesn’t dig but can bark up a storm if left alone......
Rescue 2 (Lucy)
Meet sixteen month old Lucy who has come into GRR's care as she requires a family that has the time and commitment to continue her training. This young girl is a typical Golden youngster as she enjoys playing with other dogs, doing zoomies in the yard, chewing everything in sight, barking for attention, pulling on lead, her recall is improving and Lucy loves cuddles and is learning that the people she meets mean her no harm. Lucy's foster carers are working with her and her behaviour is improving but this young girl is a work in progress and her training will need to be ongoing in her new home. Lucy travels well in the car and is currently enjoying chasing her foster carer's cats as Lucy wants to play with them. The sweet Golden girl also would prefer to chase the bunnies she finds when out walking instead of coming back to her carers. While Lucy is sometimes unsure......
Rescue 3 (Comet)
Comet has arrived into GRR’s care because of changed and difficult family circumstances. This seven month old boy’s handover was very emotional and after having Comet in care his foster carer understands just how difficult it was for Comet’s owner to hand over this very special young Golden boy.
Comet is everything a young Goldie should be. He is loving, naughty, smart and full of energy. Comet is responding well to training and knows sit, come and his special trick of shaking heads. He loves to play with other dogs and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Comet is house trained and crate trained and loves to dig very large holes, jump up on you and bark to get your attention.
Comet is booked in for surgery for removal of an undescended......
Rescue 4 (Archie)
Three and a half year old Archie was surrendered to GRR because of changes in his family circumstances. Archie was very loved in his previous home but he did not have many opportunities to be walked or socialised with other dogs. However, Archie behaves well around other dogs as Archie is currently in foster care with two other Goldies and this lovely boy has always lived with another dog. Happily, Archie is cat friendly and has previously lived with a cat. Archie’s foster carer is working on his loose lead walking as Archie tends to either pull quite hard on lead or drop to the ground refusing to move. Archie needs a family that is willing to continue with his training and behavioural plan currently being used by his foster carers. Archie was diagnosed with mild epilepsy prior to entering GRR’s care and whilst in foster care Archie has had one mild seizure......
Rescue 5 (Juno)
Meet eight year old Juno who is a very special girl looking for a very special home. GRR always looks for just the right fit for every dog but in Juno’s case, it will take a very specific family to welcome this sweet girl into their home. Juno is not all Goldie and is very tiny weighing only 19kgs. This cheeky girl is very different and is never very far from her tennis ball and she will encourage you to play with the ball all day, without stopping. When not playing ball Juno digs in an effort to escape to be by your side. Juno does not like to be left alone. This girl can jump a 1.5m pool fence without a run up and will be destructive in an effort to escape the home in an effort to be with you. Her foster carer has renamed her Miss Houdini. Juno is very protective of balls and toys and is best suited in a home where she will be the only dog......
Rescue 6 (Bella)
Meet the lovely Bella who will soon be five years old. This lovely girl is looking for a new home where the people understand that she will need time and patience to become a much loved member of their family. While Bella has been house trained she has been an outside dog all her life and her foster family are working on her inside the house manners. Bench surfing and over excitement in the house is also being dealt with and Bella is responding. She is currently living with a younger Goldie and the play is fast and hard as Bella just doesn’t know when to call it quits. Bella’s foster carers have their work cut out as Bella pulls very hard when walking on lead and inhales her food. However, a slow feeding bowl is being put to good use and Bella is responding to training and is settling down to walk nicely on lead. Bella also loves to travel in the car......