Current Rescues

Golden Retrievers who are currently looking for a new family to call their own are listed below. Please click on each photo to find out more about them. If you are interested in one of the dogs please ensure you complete and return the Adoption Questionnaire to Golden Retriever Rescue Inc before contacting us. It should be noted that GRR only rehomes dogs in NSW, the ACT and VIC.

*** Please note that this page contains only a small number of the rescue Goldies currently in care and looking for new homes. Some of our rescues require only a minimal amount of time with a foster carer before they are assessed and ready to go to an approved family, whereas other dogs may require extensive veterinary treatment or behavioural rehabilitation depending on the circumstances from which they have come. For these reasons GRR does NOT post every rescue Goldie on this page, in fact, the VAST majority of our Goldies are rehomed to applicants already on the approved list who have been waiting for the right Goldie to come along. ***

Rescue 1 (Gus)
Introducing Gus who has recently arrived into GRR’s care. GRR became aware of Gus when he was 8 months old and arrangements were being put in place to bring this boy into care when Gus’ vet advised the family that x-rays should be taken as this young boy’s front legs were not looking as expected. X-rays showed elbow dysplasia in both legs and Gus was referred to Dr David Lidbetter who operated on Gus. All credit is due to Gus’ family who went ahead with the surgery and the six weeks of rehabilitation even though they had decided that Gus would be surrendered to GRR. His family were having difficulty coping with the size and energy level of this very large puppy who weighs in at 35kgs at 10 months of age and he is not overweight and still has some growing to do. Gus’ foster carer monitors his play time with the other dogs and Gus’ walks become a little longer each day......
Rescue 2 (Sam)
Nine year old Sam is looking for a new family to love as his current living arrangements have changed and Sam is finding it difficult to be an outside dog. These photos of Sam were taken before he was shaved. Sam’s coat is slowly growing back but his happy smile remains.
Sam has been cared for and loved all of his life and before circumstances changed he was a very happy boy. In foster care Sam has been found to well socialised with other dogs, both large and small. His foster carer realised that Sam had tummy troubles not long after his arrival and he was taken to VSoS (Veterinary Specialists of Sydney) where he had an ultrasound and blood tests which did not show any anomalies and Sam has been placed on and Elimination Dietary Trial. Sam is doing well on......
Rescue 3 (Rose)
Rose arrived into care at GRR in a very shut down state and had to be lifted from the car as she was too frightened to walk. It took many days before she could be approached and these days she is starting to trust and will allow people to approach her and give her a pat.
Rose visited the vet for desexing, vaccinations and a vet check and while she found walking through the door to the surgery a little scary, Rose managed to win everyone over with her gentle nature and sweet smile.
This gorgeous girl is now walking on lead although suburban sounds frighten her and she prefers to run in the paddock with the other dogs. Rose needed help to get into the car and didn’t mind the ride at all. Rose isn’t a barker or a digger and she simply needs time to adjust to the world outside of a run where she was used to breed......
Rescue 4 (Betty)
Four year old Betty came to GRR from a registered breeding facility. When she arrived into care Betty had to be carried from the car as she was very frightened and it took many weeks for Betty to decide that people are okay. Betty likes people so much these days that she wants to be close to them all the time. She is a very loving girl full of energy who is happy to be around other dogs and people.
Betty is learning to walk on lead and recently walked from the car to the veterinary hospital. Going through the surgery doors was scary for Betty but being the confident girl she is learning to be she did well and went off with the vet nurse for her vet check and surgery. Betty becomes very excited when she sees people and also when dinner is coming. This girl has a big bark but only when there is something to bark about......
Rescues 5 (Hazel and Banjo)
This unlikely duo were born three days apart and are three years old. Banjo arrived into GRR’s care when his family were moving and could not find rental accommodation that allowed dogs. He arrived very wary of the people trying to reach out to him and was frightened of the lead. Hazel came from a Breeding Facility and while she has been in care longer than Banjo, this girl remains wary of humans. Banjo is now happy to meet people while Hazel remains aloof and has set up her comfort zone which is just our of reach of a stretched out arm. Hazel and Banjo’s carer can walk them but this is definitely something they do not enjoy.
Hazel needed to gain weight while Banjo needed to lose some kilos and both are now at a healthy weight and Hazel’s coat has improved......
Rescue 6 (Freddie)
Thirteen month old Freddie is described by his foster family as not having a mean bone in his body. He is your typical Golden pup who loves everyone including other dogs and cats. However cats are fair game if they decide to run. Freddie is a big lad and can be confronting for smaller dogs but this boy loves to play with his Golden foster brothers and requires a male or female of similar size to play with in his new home.
Thunder does not worry this boy as he loves to play in the rain during storms. While being the almost perfect family member Freddie does have a problem with driving in the car as his tummy can only handle 15 to 20 minutes before he becomes ill. However, a short drive to the beach results in Freddie having a great time as this boy loves the water. Walking on lead is a work in process and his recall is great except......
Rescue 7 (Alfie)
Two year old Alfie is described by his foster carer as being one of the sweetest Goldies who has been in their care. His personality and beautiful temperament along with his unique facial features earns him the title of “unique and ruggedly handsome”.
As a puppy Alfie suffered an auto immune disease known as Juvenile Cellulitis, more commonly known as Puppy Strangles, and after a visit to VSoS, Veterinary Specialists of Sydney, GRR is advised that there is no active dermatosis and the changes to this boy’s face are purely cosmetic and they are permanent. There is no treatment required as Alfie will remain unique for the remainder of his life. While in care Alfie has learnt to walk on a loose lead and come when called. He impressed his Specialist Vet with his calm demeanour and beautiful manners. This boy is currently sharing......
Rescue 8 (Chip)
Two year old Chip has been in foster care for several weeks and this handsome young chap has proved to be a wonderful house guest as he loves to play with the other Goldies in his foster home and is responding to his training really well. This boy is eager to please and quick to learn and both his loose lead walking and recall are improving but remain work in progress.
Chip loves to ride in the car, loves cuddles, loves playing with other dogs and doesn’t bother about the cat in his foster home. Chip barks when he becomes excited and when meeting new people as well as when the doorbell rings. However, Chip can be easily distracted from barking with a toy and his new family will need to keep working on these behaviours. When Chip is out and about......
Rescue 9 (Gemma)
Two year old Gemma came into GRR’s care a week before Christmas, just in time to enjoy her turkey dinner and Christmas stuffies. Gemma enjoys playing with her Christmas toys but she does not enjoy sharing her toys or anything else that Gemma decides is her property. This Golden girl has been much loved and spent much of her time with her family in a one on one situation and is very suited to this type of life where she is the centre of her family’s world. GRR is looking for a home for Gemma without another dog, where she has the company of people all day, every day. Gemma does enjoys playing with other dogs but there will not be a happy outcome if toys, balls or food are involved in a multi dog situation.
Gemma has previously lived with a cat and is house trained. She has received basic obedience training and will sit and drop with a roll for a tummy rub......
Rescue 10 (Bella)
Two and a half year old Bella has been in foster care living with a family who has a Goldie and a cat. Bella was initially quite wary of other dogs but is growing in confidence and does not chase the cat preferring to bark. When Bella came into care it was noticed that she limped and x-rays have shown that one of her front legs is shorter than the other. Because of this issue Bella is helped out of the car, lifted down from the furniture and GRR has been advised that because of this issue there will be the likelihood of early onset arthritis, so Bella is currently on Antinol which she will need to continue taking for the rest of her life.
Before coming into foster care Bella had not been introduced to the big wide world of other dogs, people and loud noises. She is slowly becoming used to all these new experiences and while her first reaction is to bark at anything......