Current Rescues

Golden Retrievers who are currently looking for a new family to call their own are listed below. Please click on each photo to find out more about them. If you are interested in one of the dogs please ensure you complete and return the Adoption Questionnaire to Golden Retriever Rescue Inc before contacting us. It should be noted that GRR only rehomes dogs in NSW, the ACT and VIC.

*** Please note that this page contains only a small number of the rescue Goldies currently in care and looking for new homes. Some of our rescues require only a minimal amount of time with a foster carer before they are assessed and ready to go to an approved family, whereas other dogs may require extensive veterinary treatment or behavioural rehabilitation depending on the circumstances from which they have come. For these reasons GRR does NOT post every rescue Goldie on this page, in fact, the VAST majority of our Goldies are rehomed to applicants already on the approved list who have been waiting for the right Goldie to come along. ***

Rescue 1 (Honey and Peaches)
Two year old Honey and three year old Peaches came into GRR’s care from a breeding facility. They have always been together and GRR will place them into a forever home together so they can continue to play and enjoy each other’s company. If you are looking for an instant Golden family these girls may be the right fit for your home and family.
Since their arrival into GRR’s care these girls have learned that humans are the source of cuddles and play. Honey is Miss Adventure and is into everything and her home will require very secure fencing as Honey will dig under and escape in her efforts to be with you. Peaches is Miss Sweetness and Light who can be a little wary meeting you but soon warms up and enjoys cuddles. Honey and Peaches are gentle girls who are housetrained, walk nicely on lead and come when called......
Rescue 2 (Lucy)
Twenty one month old Lucy has been in foster care living with a family who has two Goldies and a couple of cats and she has become comfortable with the cats rubbing on her and has learned not to chase them when hearing the leave command. Lucy also loves to play with the two other dogs and will instigate play and bark at them to ensure they play with her. When she came into care Lucy would defend food and toys but over time she has learned to share. Lucy does not react to storms, loves to ride in the car, her loose lead walking is improving and her recall is coming along slowly as Lucy finds the outside world very distracting. Lucy is responding to the commands to come because this gorgeous girl likes nothing better than to be by your side. Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles are Lucy’s favourite thing and she will crawl onto your lap for as long as you......
Rescue 3 (Brody)
Meet Body who will be celebrating his second birthday in April. It was a very sad surrender when Brody arrived into GRR’s care as his family’s circumstances had changed and this did not allow his family to give Brody the time and attention a young Golden boy requires. Brody came from a loving home and he is now looking for his next family who will care for him and love him in the way he has always known.
Brody is in foster care and enjoying the company and play of another Goldie. He has no guarding issues as he shares his toys with his foster brother and also enjoys chasing the water from the hose and zoomies in the yard. This is a big, strong boy and he will require further training with loose lead walking as he can be easily ‘spooked’ by loud noises such as garbage cans, trucks or the sudden appearance of bicycles......
Rescue 4 (Kip)
Sixteen month old Kip has been in foster care for three weeks and his foster family describe him as a wonderful, confident and happy dog. While in foster care Kip is learning his manners when meeting other dogs. He is walking nicely on lead in a group situation but his excitement level increases when a new dog appears. Kip is also learning to come when he is called and this is a work in progress as there are so many other wonderful sniffs and sticks and other people and dogs around to take up his attention. Kip’s outing often includes a visit to the café and he is learning to wait quietly and is behaving well in this situation.
He likes to ride in the car, settling down after a minute or two, he doesn’t mind storms, has lived with cats, enjoys a digging session in the backyard and can accompany a play session by barking. The local possums also know that Kip is around......
Rescue 5 (Molly)
Molly will turn 10 years old in April and she is looking for a new family who wants to share their life and home with her. Molly’s family has advised that this girl prefers to be the only dog in the family as she does not always tolerate other dogs attempts to interact. Molly only barks if there is something or someone to bark about and isn’t a digger and walks nicely on lead. Molly also isn’t keen on cats and prefers to be the only one who gets all the attention from the family.
Molly has Pedigree papers and when she isn’t bothered by other dogs is sweetness and light. She is quite an independent girl but that won’t stop her from lying beside you and soaking up all the attention. Molly comes microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested and treated for heart worm, intestinal worms and fleas......
Rescue 6 (Joey)
Meet 19 month old Joey who came from a NSW Regional Dog Breeding Facility which was downsizing prior to selling the property. Joey has spent all of his short life in a run and on arrival at HQ was extremely fearful of the people who were trying to settle him into his new home and pulled away from the people to the point where he was physically ill.
In the few months Joey has been in GRR’s care he has learned that people are a source of love and entertainment. He is continuing his training in learning to walk on a loose lead, take treats from your hand with good manners, come when called and to give major cuddles. Joey tends to crouch whenever people are close and he is slowly learning to sit or stand tall when he approaches people as he learns that he has nothing to fear. As his life did not include many experiences of going out into the world......
Rescue 7 (Chandler)
Meet 19 month old Chandler who came from a NSW Regional Dog Breeding Facility which was downsizing prior to selling the property. Chandler has spent all of his life in a run and on arrival at HQ was extremely fearful of the people who were trying to help him. Chandler growled and pulled away from his foster carer to the point where he was physically ill.
In the few months that Chandler has been in GRR’s care he has learned that people can be trusted and while Chandler loves cuddles he takes some time to trust men before he allows them to approach. Chandler continues his on lead training, is learning to take treats from you hand politely and will come when he is called. Chandler has now learned not to crouch when receiving a pat and enjoys a cuddle and is learning to drop on command. Chandler’s previous life did not include the outside world and as a result......
Rescue 8 (Lacey)
This lovely seven year old Golden girl has spent her life in the backyard. She is not housetrained, nor has she received any obedience training. Since arriving into foster care it has been found that Lacey prefers people to other dogs and would suit a home where she is the only dog and can receive the attention she seeks. Lacey is currently sharing a yard with another Golden girl but does not interact with her preferring to do her own thing.
Lacey arrived weighing 37 kgs so she is currently on a diet. She does enjoy digging in her yard and will bark to let you know she is not pleased when you leave. Lacey will also try to escape when left alone so this girl would suit a home where there is secure fencing and someone is around much of the time for company because Lacey loves attention. This girl would like nothing better to be by your side all day, every day......
Rescue 9 (Gemma)
Two year old Gemma came into GRR’s care a week before Christmas, just in time to enjoy her turkey dinner and Christmas stuffies. Gemma enjoys playing with her Christmas toys but she does not enjoy sharing her toys or anything else that Gemma decides is her property. This Golden girl has been much loved and spent much of her time with her family in a one on one situation and is very suited to this type of life where she is the centre of her family’s world. GRR is looking for a home for Gemma without another dog, where she has the company of people all day, every day. Gemma does enjoys playing with other dogs but there will not be a happy outcome if toys, balls or food are involved in a multi dog situation.
Gemma has previously lived with a cat and is house trained. She has received basic obedience training and will sit and drop with a roll for a tummy rub......
Rescue 10 (Bella)
Two and a half year old Bella has been in foster care living with a family who has a Goldie and a cat. Bella was initially quite wary of other dogs but is growing in confidence and does not chase the cat preferring to bark. When Bella came into care it was noticed that she limped and x-rays have shown that one of her front legs is shorter than the other. Because of this issue Bella is helped out of the car, lifted down from the furniture and GRR has been advised that because of this issue there will be the likelihood of early onset arthritis, so Bella is currently on Antinol which she will need to continue taking for the rest of her life.
Before coming into foster care Bella had not been introduced to the big wide world of other dogs, people and loud noises. She is slowly becoming used to all these new experiences and while her first reaction is to bark at anything......