About Us

Situated in NSW, VIC, and the ACT, and supported by a team of dedicated foster families, the GRR Team welcome, rehabilitate and re-home their chosen and much loved breed of dog, Golden Retrievers. Golden Retriever Rescue's assessment, rehabilitation and training program has successfully placed hundreds of Goldies into loving homes with many families returning for another Goldie rescue. When GRR place a Goldie into a home it is forever!

An incredible number of Goldies are received on a regular basis. All arrive at GRR lost and bewildered, requiring grooming, food and varying degrees of veterinary care. The dogs are reassured, loved and nurtured by GRR or with foster carers until after an intense screening and matching process, suitable new homes offering love and stability are found for them. They go to their new families in the best of health ready to give the unconditional love that Golden Retrievers are so good at. Follow up calls and visits are always carried out to ensure that the relationship is a happy and harmonious one for all concerned.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the results of irresponsible ownership, the practice of puppy farming or backyard breeders, and to encourage people to purchase their puppy from a breeder registered with the Canine Council in their state. With many rescues each week, we have plenty of work to do!

Like most people, we too were amazed that there is a need for a rescue service for this beautiful breed. Browse through the Current Rescues page and meet the Goldies who are looking for a new family to love. Also check out the Rescue Success page to see the hundreds of Goldies who have found their way to GRR and a new life, and read about the people currently on the GRR Commitee.